Flamebyrd (flamebyrd) wrote in swansongs,

I know an actual SwanCon never actually happened...

... but just for the record I am going to be in Canada and the UK this year, for those who live in the area.

Sun, Jun 18 -> Sat, Jun 24: Singapore

Sat, Jun 24: Flying to Canada via Korea

Sat, Jun 24 -> Sat, Jul 1: Vancouver

Sat, Jul 1 -> Tue, Jul 4: Calgary

Tue, Jul 4 -> Thu, Jul 27: Toronto, London (Ontario), then Montreal

Thu, Jul 27 -> Tue, Aug 8: England (hope to do London and Kent at least)

Wed, Aug 9: Back to Perth

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Kewl! Give me a shout nearer the time and we'll go to London zoo too!
Ohh! Man. We should make that another Euro mini-swancon. *counts savings*
OMG! Can't wait to see you! I got a place you can stay, we can go to the Glenbow and the Zoo and maybe Kananaskis . . .
Well, it will be Alex and I, so what kind of place? But any recommendations of nice/not-too-expensive accommodation are v. welcome!

This will be an international zoo tour! Hurrah! *'Wikipedia's for other things* And museums and getting outside are also good.
Mph, true, we do only have a futon . . . but there is a place downtown that might be appropos - I'll pick up the info, and let you know. If it takes me more than a month, give me a jab. *grins*
Emailed you at the yahoo address listed in your LJ userinfo!